About 123 Hive:

Hive Information Systems has emerged as a new company in 2012.

But our story begins in 2001:


Our Track Record

123-Hive founders have a long record of providing dedicated Internet website creation services to hundreds of costumers. Our goal over these years has always been straightforward and simple – we want our customers to get their websites at minimum cost and maximum ease of maintenance. Our costumers' satisfaction has been our driving force to create efficient tools and approaches to achieve this goal.
Late 2010

Our Vision

At the end of 2010, 123-Hive founders had a vision of bringing a new message to all those ordinary people that longed to have their own professional website, and were justifiably intimidated by the costs and efforts that were an integral part of this wish.

Our Dedication

In 2011 and 2012, 123-Hive founders dedicated themselves to developing the 3-base complete solution that constitutes the best website deal and owning experience currently available, with a quality target product.

123-Hive is live!

Based in the Jordan Valley and surrounded by green countryside, the blue Sea of Galilee, bees and their hives, we constantly work to provide you with the best website owning experience. Getting your own professional website has never been easier!

123-Hive has removed all the obstacles that ordinary people encounter when they wish to own their own professional Internet website.

From portfolio website to a business one, 123-Hive has a wide variety of website templates that can be adjusted to your needs.

Just choose your preferred template and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to view your website hosted on our worldwide hosting servers. Take another several minutes to install our unique StingerCMS-Client application, to manage and update your own professional website content, including images and videos.