Frequently asked questions


Where can I find professional images for my website

Using professional images in your website can significantly improve its look and effect. There are many image banks out there on the internet, some of them very expensive, while others are less so. Professional and inexpensive images for this website were bought from 123RF Stock Photos Each image using rights can cost around 1 US$ if you purchase subscription.

Client Application

I don't have a Windows PC; can I use your websites

Our websites are compatible with all the major browsers, so you can view your professional website from any computer (i.e., PC / Mac, etc.). But in order to update content in your website, you have to install our client app (StingerCMS-Client) on one Windows PC.

Videos cannot be played on the client app

Make sure you have Windows Media Player version 11 and above. You may see the WMP version if you run it and go to Help->About menu item. In updated Windows operating systems the WMP should be up-to-date, but if it isn’t, update it from: Windows Media Player for Win XP

Converted videos are not shown on the client app

The application converts videos to FLV format. If your Windows Media Player (WMP) cannot display FLV videos files, then StingerCMS-Client will not be able to display them as well. Make sure video codecs such as K-Lite are installed on your machine.