We host your website and manage your domain

123-Hive website accounts are complete with all the technical aspects of hosting and domain management. Your website is up and running throughout the year and you don't have to bother with technical issues associated with internet servers, domain renewals etc. It's like having the perfect technical team to solve your issues with zero hassle for you!!!

We host your website

The hosting account in our internet servers has no limitations on disk space and monthly data transfer. Forget about the technical aspects of your website, your hosting worries are over!

Hive Data Centers

Choose your website hosting location: our internet servers are spread in several global data centers: North America (Montreal / Arizona), Europe (London) and Asia Pacific (Singapore data center is coming soon). If the majority of your website audience is located in a certain country or continent, just set your website hosting location at our nearest data center to get the best user experience.

We manage your domain

www.YourCompany.com is safe with us. We register it for you and we make sure it's annually renewed, always pointing to your website hosting location. Your domain worries are over!

Are you the sole owner and administrator of your domain? No problem, just make sure it points to your website on our servers (IP Address)

123-Hive / Hosting management

  • Microsoft Internet Information Servers Version 7 (IIS 7)
  • Open new hosting account
  • Private hosting account (Your account is not shared with other customers)
  • Private FTP account (Your account is not shared with other customers)
  • Data storage space - Unlimited!
  • Monthly data transfer - Unlimited!
  • Yearly hosting account renewal
  • All included in our website package!

123-Hive / Domain management

  • New domain registration
  • Domain pointing to your website
  • Domain yearly renewal
  • All included in our website package!