Our innovative website update client application:

Forget about all the other browser-based Content Management Systems (CMS)! These applications are slow and limited in their capabilities, since they are all constrained by the Internet browser's HTML and flash environment.

Now, say big hello to our revolutionary content management system, which is a standalone Windows operating system desktop application - StingerCMS-Client

Our StingerCMS-Client application is the next generation of CMS systems! Moving from browser-based CMS to a strong Windows-based application has done away with all traditional limitations.

Have you ever seen a CMS browser-based application that can edit videos? Can a CMS browser-based application allow you to update data when uploading your files to the server? While with borwser-based CMS the answer is NO... with our CMS application the answer is - YES !

123-Hive / StingerCMS-Client

Our StingerCMS-Client capabilities are:

  • Update your website's data, content and settings
  • Multi-language support
  • Edit images of all common formats
  • Edit videos of all common formats and convert them to FLV format for website video streaming (like YouTube)
  • Your website's data and content are also stored on your local computer (fast user experience)
  • Your website's data and content are backed up on 123-Hive servers
  • Files are transfered to website server are in a background thread (no implications for the user experience, application remains responsive)
  • Video conversion performed in a background thread (no implications for the user experience, application remains responsive)
  • YouTube - Easy integration
  • PayPal - Easy integration
  • Google Maps - Easy integration
  • All data, content and settings can be recovered when necessary
  • Allows to work from more than one computer (all stations are synched through backup server)
  • Working in Offline mode and updating website when Internet connection is back online
  • Built on Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 (Include in Windows Auto Updates)
  • Did you know? Even this 123-Hive website content is managed with StingerCMS-Client application!
Download StingerCMS-Client →